30 Minutes Towards a Better YOU!

I have never been one to do a lot of exercise. I never liked gym and was so happy when it became optional in high school. As an adult, I realized the importance of doing exercise. There are so many benefits to it physically and mentally.

I had hurt my wrist a few years ago and it was awful. I wore wrist braces/k-tape, went to the chiropractor and physiotherapist for years. I remember my physiotherapist telling me that I need to start doing exercise to gain muscle in my arms to prevent my wrist from hurting. I didn’t make too much of it when she told me and continued to visit her every few weeks for temporary pain relief. I started 9Round in September 2017 reluctantly as I knew there would be a lot of punching involved. I asked the trainers to tie the wrist wraps extra tight to prevent further injury. By the end of December, I noticed a significant improvement in my wrist. I no longer needed to wear the wrist brace while working all day on the computer. My physiotherapist told me that I had muscle and because of that my wrist had improved. She was right!

9Round Sage Hill has everything that I like – great environment, music, trainers; it’s a small community. Traditional gyms intimidate me because I’m not in shape and I don’t like to work on machines. This 30 minute workout gives me cardio; strength training and I feel great when I leave. Another example, I have never been able to do a sit-up EVER! Matt and the rest of the trainers never gave up on me and now I can do a sit-up and even more than one in a row. It was such a huge accomplishment for me!

I asked Matt, Certified 9Round trainer and manager, to be a guest on my blog today to give you all some more information on 9Round and the benefits!


9Round Sage Hill is the perfect fitness facility for anyone and everyone. We have members in their 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s and yes, even 60’s. Members who are just looking for their first ever workout and members who have been familiar with fitness for years.

The biggest difference between 9Round Sage Hill and other traditional gyms is the friendly, understanding and motivational environment. We thrive off of helping others reach their goals and maintain their new lifestyles. We give you your first workout for FREE, because you should have the opportunity to try something before you invest in it. We change the workout every day to keep it fun and exciting. You NEVER need to schedule your workout, you just show up and we take care of the rest. The absolute best part is the TRAINERS ARE INCLUDED.

We set you up for success, we eliminate your excuses, and we guide you every step of the way. You’ll come in excited, leave feeling amazing and wake up sore, knowing you are accomplishing your goals and working towards the best version of yourself.

All one kick, one punch and a maybe a few burpees at a time.

With six locations in Calgary and hundreds worldwide, I encourage you all to give 9Round a try! It’s made a huge difference in my life and I’m sure it will in yours.

Disclaimer: This post was in partnership with 9Round Sage Hill.

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  1. Beyond proud of your accomplishments! Having been with you from day 1 at the gym I am so impressed with your dedication and your commitment! Your strength in all areas has blown me away! Be proud of your hard work! You’re amazing and I love being one of your trainers on this fabulous journey!!!! Keep up the incredible job! ‘Thunder’

    1. Really trying to go twice a week – I think it’s so important. Good luck with your workouts – hopefully you got a trainer. 🙂

  2. 9Round sounds like such a great and friendly place to workout. I totally get intimidated by gyms as well and prefer working out at home. It’s nice to hear how considerate they are of your needs and concerns and that they offer a free workout session at the start. Truly shows that they care!

    xo, Jo

    1. 9Round is truly a great place to workout and not intimidating at all. I enjoy every session – great people, great workout – what more could a girl want!

  3. Hey Darling,
    How are you?
    This place is Amazing:)
    I love to do Exercises and try out new things:)
    I can’t leave without exercise:) ahhha:)
    Love, Kisses
    Happy Week

    1. It’s hard to stay active but it’s so important. I’m really tiring to go twice/week and make time for it. Goodluck – I’m sure you’ll get back into the groove.

  4. I miss boxing so much! I used to go to a boxing gym, but I am reduced to walking and squats and prenatal videos. I’ll get back into the ring soon enough once I pop this baby out. Boxing is seriously the best total body workout!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy boxing as well. It truly is a total body workout. Soon enough you’ll be there.Enjoy this precious time!

  5. That sounds great!! It is way better to have someone helping you out when training! I wish I had the motivation to keep up with that! Good job!!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

    1. Thanks Sheree. One of the trainers and I are now friend’s and if I don’t show up she texts me every few days. It’s so nice to have the support.

  6. Hi girl,

    I always wanted to try a new type of workout. 9Round seem to be a perfect place to start training in a really cool way. Need to check them out!


  7. I really wish we had a 9Round location in Dallas. It looks like the perfect place to get in a workout. The gym is the best place to relieve stress and for your overall health!

  8. I used to box even though I didn’t consider myself neither a sporty type of girl but I went a few classes and really loved it! It’s a great way to release stress. This 9Round Sage Hill looks like a great place.


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