Winter Wonderland…

Winter is here!

I really hoped that it was over after our deep freeze with temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius over the Christmas Holiday’s but no it wasn’t. Last week the temperature dropped again. Today it has started snowing. I have come to realize that every girl needs at least two types of coats this winter season.

The first is your puffer/parka jacket. In my opinion, these jackets are prefect for running errands, partaking in winter activities such as skiing, sleighing, etc and for being on the go. The other is a stylish wool coat for those nights out on the town, attending special events and to add that extra “umph” to your outfits.

I actually own two such coats. My first one is from Aritzia and the second is from Niche Fashion Luxury, a Vancouver based boutique (as featured). What I really love about this coat is its design with the waterfall/drape neckline and A-Line cut. I find that it’s really flattering on almost all body shapes. Secondly, the material is so soft and it keeps me warm. I don’t think this coat can be worn on those -40 days but for those warmer winter days, it’s perfect. I also really like the fact that this coat is Made in Canada. Rarely do I find clothes that are locally made.

I’m a huge fan of Kate Middleton and all her wool coats and now Meghan Markle. They wear these coats with such class and ease. A wool coat is a great statement piece that takes any outfit from an 8 to a 10!

Some girls are into shoes and other purses. I’m a coat girl. My husband’s very first gift to me while we were dating was a beautiful white wool coat. Because it was white, I rarely wore it out. Now, I regret not wearing it because it no longer fits.

Stay warm and remember no matter the color, coats are meant to be worn!

Disclaimer: The wool coat featured was gifted to me by Niche Fashion Luxury. All opinions are my own.

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  1. This robe- style coat is so fabulous, and it’s such a nice shade of gray. It’s crazy how much it is snowing where you are! Tokyo never snows this much, or at least it hasn’t in a few years!

    1. It snows alot and is very cold. I’m so excited to read more about Tokyo. I really want to visit. Hopefully later this year

    1. Hi Eva,
      I couldn’t agree more. These types of coats are truly an investment and keep you both warm and in style. Xo

  2. Your coat is so chic. I absolutely love the color and the fact that it looks like you can wear that coat with everything in your closet, Such a gorgeous winter staple!

    xo, Jo

  3. OMG, you legitimately live in a winter wonderland! I’m so jealous (I live in Cali). Really wishing I could rock some of your winter styles.

    Posh Classy Mom

    1. Hi Sheree,

      Winter wonderland it is..but sometimes it gets ridiculously cold. I’m so jealous you live in a warm environment. Always want what we can’t have. 🙂

  4. I love anything Aritiza makes! I have a coat that I bought a few years ago and it’s seriously the warmest and most durable coat. I’m loving your gray coat so much. I’ve been into coats these days too. I just bought a Kenneth Cole gray one similar to yours!

  5. I’ve been looking into getting another coat! I love the color of this coat and that it’s soft and warm like you said! Will definitely have to look into it. I’m a coat girl too! And booties as well 🙂

  6. Oh, I don’t miss this freezing weather. I grow up in Kazakhstan and having -40C was normal. I wear wool coats as soon it hits 10C only. For colder temperature, I definitely go for puffer.

  7. Hey Sweetie:)
    How are you?
    So Beautiful Winter Style photos, and Need that coat:) Love Everything about your Look:)
    Love, Kisses
    Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

    1. I love Kate’s style. It’s so nice and glad you think so as well. Thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  8. I can imagine those freezing temperatures. It’s always very cold in Russia in the winter. I prefer to stay at home or to wear a puffy jacket (it’s really warm, but not beautifull at all). I love your gray coat, it looks so beautiful !

    1. We all have one of those not so nice puffy jackets that keeps us warm. I’ve always wanted to visit Russia.

    1. Thanks so much Candace. You totally made my day with your super sweet words about matching Meghan!

  9. I find it so difficult to dress well when the temperatures are so low, somehow I always end up buried in layers. I love the way you styled the whole outfit and the Antigona is my all time favorite bag!

    You look gorgeous btw!

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comment. Winter dressing is tough and you’e right layers are a girls best friend. Xo.